Custom Photo Editing

All photos copyright ©, Meghan Noecker

Most simple editing can be done for no extra charge. This can be fixing an ear that isn't facing forward, opening a squinting eye, closing a mouth or replacing a hidden tail. If you find you like a particular shot, except for one detail, let me know. I can often find an eye, ear, tail, etc on another photo that I can use to replace the misbehaving body part.

Fixing an eye

Closing a mouth

Replacing a Tail

Great pose, but the cat needed a better view of her face.

Fixing an ear

I can also do custom scenes for Christmas cards, websites, etc. Sometimes you have a group you would like to show together, and they either don't cooperate or don't like each other. We can photograph them seperately and then put them together afterward.

This photo was taken by photographing each animal individually in its location and then put together. The only animal not actually photographed on the cat tree was the angel cat.

This photo had one full wagon shot with the Santa cat. The 2 dogs and elf cat were photographed separately and added in. The wagon handle was also shortened.