There are lots of great local cat shows year round in NW Washington:

January - Chehalis CFA               May - Shoreline Average Joe
March - Monroe CFA                         July - Chehalis CFA
April - Monroe ACFA                      August - Renton ACFA
April - Chehalis CFA                      October - Chehalis CFA
May - Issaquah CFA                      December - Monroe CFA

There are even more shows if you like to travel:

January - Longview CFA               July - Seaside, OR CFA
February - Portland CFA                         August - Portland CFA
February - Longview CFA                    September - Longview CFA #1
April - Longview CFA                    September - Longview CFA #2
June - Portland CFA                      December - Longview CFA

And a few more in Eugene, Salem, Ocean Shores, Idaho, Utah, and British Columbia.

There are complete schedules with show flyers here:

ACFA Show Schedule         CFA NW Show Schedule

I attend just about every local show, and I would be happy to help any new exhibitors before and during the show. You are welcome to call or email me with questions. I can help you get signed up, prepare for the show, etc. I am also happy to help you at the show. I can help you get checked in and set up, and I can help you figure out the schedule, get to the rings, etc. You are welcome to ask to be benched near me (benching request - near Zoo Crew Photo). Or look for my vendor booth.