Farm Calls

Order a CD and receive both jpg and tiff files of each photo.

A jpg file is ideal for email and websites while the tiff files are high resolution and may be used for advertising, making your own prints, business cards, stationary, and personal use such as mousepads and t-shirts.

Most editing will be done at no charge. custom crop, fixing an ear, simple background issues, etc

You may choose to pay per image, per horse, or mix and match.

Per Image:

Prints 4x6- $10.00 5x7 - $15.00 8x10 - $25.00
Digital Images on CD (high res) - $10 each

Per Horse:
(your choice of 4x6 prints OR digital files on CD)

Your choice of 6 photos - $40 per horse
Your choice of 10-15 photos - $60 per horse
Your choice of 20-30 photos - $80 per horse

You may mix and match. For example, you may choose to get the full set of your stallion, a small set of each mare, and only 1 or 2 photos of each foal. Whatever you like is fine. My only requirement is a $100 minimum purchase.

$100 is due at time of photo session. Remainder when order is ready.
First 80 miles (round trip) - no charge, 35 a mile for additional miles.
(Ex. Total round trip is 150 miles. I charge 35 x 70 miles = $24.50)
If you are long distance, check with me as I do travel a lot and can reduce or waive the fee if I can combine the trip.

Meghan Noecker - (253) 250-8352