Collapsible Pet Tents

These are brand new pet tents. Great for traveling when you want them to have more space than a kennel, but still need to keep them contained. Also good for litters. Or housebreaking a puppy. Or maybe you need to quarantine somebody.

There are 2 doors, and the top unzips as well. Mesh top and sides, so you can see them easily, and they have a good view of their surroundings. Solid bottom piece, fully attached, so no way to escape. Easy to clean. The material is waterproof, so puddles are not absorbed and can easily be rinsed off. Folds up flat and comes with a carry case and stakes for outside use.

They come in 3 sizes. There are multiple colors available. I keep the most popular colors in stock and can order the others anytime.
I can also ship directly to you for $5 more.

Main colors - blue, green, maroon, & pink.
Additional colors - purple, leopard, zebra, orange, & plaid versions.

Small (33 diameter, 21 tall) $70

Medium (41 diameter, 21 tall) $80

Large (52 diameter, 36 tall) $100

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